Looking back at the 2019 World Agents of Change Conference which turned out to be a huge success, one key lesson stands out for me like a golden apple in a silver painting, It’s the fact that we serve a God who answers Prayer.

This is a God story, He prepared us for the conference Himself. He stirred us up in the place of prayer!

So Rewind this story to a few days, weeks and months before the conference and you will see how we prayed towards this conference.

We Prayed and God in His mercies lead us to ask for big things…, we asked Him for new things…we asked Him for a Landmark conference. in fact, we asked God to do the impossible.

And God answered our Prayers…

A cross section of Participants at the Conference

Now, fast-forward this story to day 1 of the 2019 World Agents of Change Conference and you will see participants arriving at the venue of the conference from various locations – Plateau, Benue, Gombe, Borno, Zamfara, Kano, Kaduna, Rivers, Nasarawa, Lagos, Ogun and Abuja. They all came with great expectations in their hearts and God revealed Himself to each participant in a mighty way.

God’s Word came forth with great clarity and with Power. One after the other, the messages came rolling in… This is War… Light Bearers…A house built by God and Winning Invisible Battles…These are messages that will forever remain imprinted in our hearts.

The Worship sessions, The Corporate devotion, The Prayer Challenge, The Vision Challenge, The Bible Study Session, The Marriage and Relationship Session and the Night of Change Session were all equally impactful…God literally came down in our midst at the conference. To Him alone be all the Glory.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the cameraman crying at some point while recording the event. I’ve always known cameramen to have a way of insulating themselves from what happens around them at meetings once they successfully hide behind the camera. This one could not. God’s presence was too real, the cloud of Glory was too thick.


At this point, quite a number of people could no longer stand on their feet…there were several people on the floor…lost in God…Swimming in His Presence.

Finally, as I prepare to put down my pen, I wish to conclude by stating once again that

the key lesson I learnt from this edition of the World Agents of Change Conference…

Is the fact that we truly serve a God who answers Prayer.

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Until we meet again, please remain rapturable.